A car designed to arouse emotions and show the way forward for the brand, the new Opel Mokka is the first to wear the new brand face, the Opel Vizor. The new Mokka is also the first Opel with the Pure Panel and a fully digitised cockpit. In addition, it is the first Opel available at the start of the sales with electric drive as well as highly efficient combustion engines. The powerful electric drive produces 100kW (136hp) and 260Nm maximum toque from a standing start. In the WLTP1 cycle, the 50kWh battery enables a range of up to 324 kilometres before recharging is required. The most striking feature of the front view is the unmistakable Opel Vizor. As with a full-face helmet, a protective visor covers the new Opel face, seamlessly integrating the vehicle grille, the LED headlights and the newly designed Opel Blitz lightning bolt emblem in one element. The interior also reflects the clear philosophy. The new Opel Pure Panel integrates two widescreen displays and focuses on the essentials. In contrast to cockpits overloaded with information and controls, the Pure Panel is a uniquely clear design. It is clearly structured and understandable at a glance. The Opel designers attached great importance to digital detoxification. In order to avoid driver distraction, they ensured the intuitive operation of the system. Buttons still control the most important functions, but without having to navigate through submenus.